time of chaos

During the second age waves of chaos spread across the land every 500 years. The elves began to see the pastern and dubbed this the time of chaos. It was not until the beginning of the blight war that the connection with the black star was realized.

The times of chaos

1810 First time of chaos the fall of the old races the dark gods arrive

2310 The year of tears elven and human alliances shattered

2810 the coming of the shadow kings a new empire rises

3310 fall of the shadow kings the dark undead shadow kings are defeated

3810 the sundered chain The alliance of Palor and the raven queen is broken

4310 the years of ashes fire famine and plague bring Eshrod to its knees

4810 the years of storms Natural disasters ravage Eshrod

5310 The war of the elves the two great elven nations go to war with each other

5810 The fall of the old kingdomthe old kingdom is brought down by a conspiracy of minor nobles

6310 The blight wars the dark star is defeated

time of chaos

The liberation of Eshrod barblaith