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Welcome to the players wiki for the world of Eshrod. Eshrod is a fantasy gaming world I have run several campaigns in, here you can find history, geography and character information.


The time of the Old Races is the most ancient period of recorded history in Eshrod also known as the first age. After the battle of creation the Centaurs, Eldrin and Oladrian ruled the world in harmony with the wishes of the Gods. It was a period of strong magic and great learning though it was not with out strife and war. Most of the knowledge of this time has been lost however relics are still occasionally found and often are the keys to wealth and power for those lucky enough to locate them. This period of history came to an end with the first appearance of a black star in the sky bathing all of Eshrod in chaos and strife. As the effects of the black star began to be felt the Eldrin returned to the Feywiled while the Centaurs and Oladrian fought against the dark force invading their world. The Oladrian proved to be very susceptible to the chaotic force that radiated from the black star and were mutated into several of the younger races. The Centaurs made a valiant attempt to save their world and them selves from peril but their empire was crushed by the time the star withdrew from the sky

The first time of chaos marked the end of the first age. With the exception of a few centaur herds the old races were gone and it was time for the young races to take their place in the world. The second age was marked by waves of chaos and war every five hundred years with empires rising and falling. during this period powerful nonnational bodies also rose and fell. The blight wars would bring an end to the second age but also the end to the cycles of chaos that had plagued Eshrod.

The Third age was a golden age of peace and prosperity. During this age the elves, humans, Dwarf and, tieflings built a shared government that ruled over a louse collection of city states and small independent nations

On a warm day early in the summer YoEthe Rackasha invasion began. All around the globe floating cites appeared in the sky disgorging their armies across both contents. This was the day that the third age ended and the occupation began and with it the Fourth age. The most current age has seen the people of Eshrod forced in to slavery their culture driven underground and preserved by the forces of the rebellion. The Rebellion has gathered people who have the potential to become heroes and and placed them in to suspended animation to await a time when they can strike back against the invaders. These freedom fighters are led by the king in hiding who does what he can for his people until the day comes when the sleepers are awakened.

In the year 4259 YoE the floating cites of the rakasha began to leave the skies, dwindling in number until only three remained. At the same time an attack on the freedom fighters began killing the King in Hiding and leading to the awakening of the sleepers.


Deloshain Known for the Drakendel mountains this is the major land mass of the eastern hemisphere and the larger of the two contents. Other important places located here are the Elemental seats.

Flaidrin The smaller western content is divided in half by the rivers Carishou, Rithian and Rilladon and contains the highest point in Eshrod Dragon crown mountain. The plains below the towering peak are the home of the dragonborn

Calabrian chain a chain of islands in the far north

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