A list of heroes by age

The first age

The second age

Kudzu Was a warforged made by the earth druids of the circle of the southern star. He was part of the party that left the great forest and found the cure for the blight. During his travels he became an avatar for the elemental king of earth Dunnia. He is one of the lost heroes who traveled to the black star.

Renfair A Centaur who left the grazings around the great forest in search of a cure for the blight. He eventually helped find the ruins of a great centaur city. Here he found and rebuilt the machine that allowed his companions to travel to the dark star forever sealing the portal to the chaos realms. Their is some dispute as to weather Renfair died before the machine was finished or if he accompanied his companions to the black star. Some even believe he never died and wanders the world to day helping were he can and telling the stories that bring hope the downtrodden.

the third age


The liberation of Eshrod barblaith