The Larger of the two contents, Deloshain bore the brunt of the blight war. The most outstanding features of Deloshain are the elemental seats and Drakendels spinethe great mountain range the splits the content in half. From the windswept pinnacles of the The High Spiresto great depths of Highlake, from the The Great Forest in the south to the the Ember Coast in the north this is a land of raw elemental power and scenic majesty.

Surrounding the The Great Forestyou can find the The Grass Sea a stretch of warm coastal land covered with tall wiled grasses. In the south the grass thins out giving way to the Low Plains a cooler grassland that runs down to the southern coast. Running along of the south eastern edge of the plains is the frozen tundra of the ice coast. The Desric, which lies to the north and west of the forest, is another grassland warmer and more humid then the others.

Drakendels spine stretches with rugged beauty from dragon mouth bay in the west to the Desert of Ishin the east. to south of the mountains are the foot hills know as Vederland. NOrth of the mountains are the high cold hills of the Tuhlia steps. North of the steps are the plains of the Nikikie which give way to the cursed and broken lands of the Nimekasirika. To the east lies the Northern wastes a treacherous land of ice and snow covering a multitude of small lakes and deep crevasses. just south of the wastes are the Cosolic swamps a cold and some time icy swamp that borders the edge of the steps. Far to the north is the ember coast the elemental seat of fire.

The central region of Deloshain is dominated by a number of valleys, the temperate olvian vales flow down to the sea and the tropical Missilian Vales. The wind comes blowing down from the high spires across the empty plains of Baradi’s skirts. Nestled to the west of vales and south of the skirts lies the jungles of the Swinzi River Basin. Across the content on the eastern shore are the Cliffs of dawn steep and rugged they look down over the sea of challenges


On the smaller content the Dragon crown mountains trace a path from the north west to south east. In their center is Mount Dracan holy mountain of the Dragonborn. Spilling south from the mountain is the upper el high windswept plains that slowly fall in altitude to the lower el these lowlands are colder and wetter. South of the El is the weather beaten shores of the storm haven. the southwestern coast is a land of steep hills and forested valleys known as Fairview

The jungles of Vaiser Kain and the rolling destic hills curve around the bay of Illidains hope. To the north across the Dragon crown mountains is the high desert of the Rishe wastes a biter cold land of sand and occasional snow. Moving south and to the east the desert gives way first to light grasslands and then to the fertile lands of the Olic delta

Vaiser kain

Calabrian chain

The frigged chain of islands that link Flaidrin and Deloshain are known as the Calabrian isles. They are sparsely populated but are known around the land for the quality of their fisheries.


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