The content of Deloshain is the larger of the two contents and home of the elemental seats. During the occupation it has been divided in to two duchies of the rakasha empire but before that it was filled with many different nations and peoples. In the past it has boasted the most spectacular landscapes in all of Eshrod including the radiant falls, the high spires, the home tree of the elves. Most of these were lost during the blight war


Important places: The Hermits Cave: A cave above high lake were the last of the lizard men used his own body to seat away the remains of the blight beast that destroyed high lake at the end of the Blight war. The first of the sleepers was awakened here when the Liberation of Esherod began. Long branch

Collage: A free city of scholars. That sits upon the ruins of an older city. Home of the rebellion for most of the Rakasha Occupation

Drakendel’s spine The elemental seats Place of power for the druids and sacred lands of the elemental kings

  • High lake: High lake a great lake nestled in the spires of Drakendel’s spine. Destroyed during the blight war.
  • The great forest: The seat of the power of earth a huge forest were elves, gnomes and humans lived in peace. Damaged heavily during the blight war. Rebuilt during the golden age.
  • The ember coast: The least damaged of the elemental seats during the blight war this volcanic region is home to the power of fire.
  • the high spires: The seat of the power of air

the hermits cave Long branch

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