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Their have been many calendars used in Eshrod in the course of it’s history. The First calendar ever created was the Thelic calender or as it is more commonalty know the Centaurs calender. Interestingly enough this calender is still used among the Centaurs tribes to this day and was reinstated during the golden age.It is based on the progression of the three great stars of the north, Dracan, Keptic and Visica. In this system one rotation of Dracan around Eshrod is a day lasting 28 hours. A month is denoted by the tilt of orbital plan of Dracan in relation to the fixed star Keptic and lasts 58 days. Their are 8 months in one year or 464 days which denotes the time it takes for the orbital plane of Dracan to complete one revaluation. Months are divided in to 29 day cycles based on the rotation of the star Visca. A cycle is divided in to 3 weeks of 9 days each with the first and last day of the month not counted as part of a week.

Another important calendar is the New kingdom recognizing. The new kingdom reckoning is relay a slight alteration of the old kingdom calendar which intern is based on older calendars from the first of the new races. Unlike the Thelic calender which is based on the motion of the stars, the NKR is based on lunar cycles. The calendar records a year as the time it takes the moon Ise to complete 9 cycles of 17 days each like the Thelic calendar a day is 28 hours long. The importance of the NKR can be traced to value placed on history and archeology during these periods. Because of this the most detailed historical records are still referenced in NKR. Some of these have been converted to Thelic calendar during the golden age but a historical scholar must still have a good knowledge of the NKR.

During the occupation the Rakasha imposed their own calendar on the Eshrod. The YoE calendar tracks time from the rise of the emperor of the Rakasha and divides the year in to 6 seasons of three months each. these seasons have little relevance on Eshrod but using a native calendar is seen as an act of rebellion so most ‘free’ people have accepted the use of YoE reckoning.

One last calendar that bears mentioning is the Druidic calendar. This calendar is more arbitrary then the others. A year does not have a fixed time in terms of days or hours. Instead it tracks the passage of time based on when certain flowers bloom in sacred places. While incomprehensible to most this calendar can tell the story of the world to those who can read it.

Ca lander

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