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  • Gods

    The Gods of Eshrod are the children of The wanderer. As a lead up to [[the battle of creation]] [[The Wanderer]] split his essence in two, half becoming the god [[Boccob]] and staying to hold reality against the beasts of the [[shadowfell]]. The other …

  • Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon

    Once per month, when [[Ise]] is at its quarter phase, followers of Corellon gather in moonlit glades for a ceremony known as Lateu'quor, the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon. There, they praise their Creator through song and dance and offerings of …

  • Agelong

    Once per year, on the fourth of [[Shahedrin]], the holiday of Agelong is celebrated. Elves hunt for orcs to slay in memory of [[Corellon | Corellon's]] battle against the god of the [[orcs]], [[Gruumsh]].

  • Blessings of Water

    Gathered rain water, brought forth by the faithful, is blessed into Holy Water and returned to the devoted so they may drink, prepare food, bath and use the water to help their plants for the coming year.

  • Celebration of the Fey

    This is a day in early part of the year when [[Eldrin | Eldrin]] celebrate with their cousins, all the other [[fey races]]. Too often Fey forget their kinship with these other races, and this festival reminds them all of their relationship. It is a day …

  • Winter Solstice

    Marking the end of the death that autumn brings. During this time, the earth is purified while she lies underneath her blanket of snow. Even in those regions where the sun doesn't rise and the snow lies eternally across the land, the winter solstice is …

  • Celebration of the Creation

    The celebration of creation, the observance of the legendary battle between [[Corellon | Corellon Larethian]] and Gruumsh One-Eye. At the same time it is a time to express [[Corellon | Corellon's]] rage at the fall of the [[Wanderer | Wanderer]]. This …

  • Joy of Life

    This daylong celebration is marked by feasting and drinking.. A fun gathering of families where gifts are exchanged and presented to children from the eldest members of their families

  • Wilderness night

    Members of the faith, particularly celebrants of [[Corellon |Lord Corellon]], at all levels of the faith, go into the Wilderness and spend the day in contemplative study and then at dark, they gather together around a huge bond fire and each one, at the …

  • Forgiveness Festival

    The bleak sunshine and brisk cold on this day is usually spent creating elaborate, fantastical evil looking creations of snow and ice. The clergy, to symbolize Lord [[Corellon | Corellon’s]] might over the dark, then destroy these creations. If no snow or …

  • Corellon's Day

    The day is spent in reviewing ones life and in studying the events of [[Corellon | Lord Corellon's]]. It is a quiet celebration among family and friends.

  • Corellon's Night

    Is a massive prayer gathering lit only by candles held by the participants. Songs and Prayers to [[Corellon | Lord Corellon]] are chanted from dark until the sunrise the following day.