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  • floating cites

    The [[rakasha]] live in floating cities called heshes. At the height of the [[occupation]] their were nearly 20 heshes floating above Eshrod but as their world became more pacified most of them left. Now their are only three heshes left each one the …

  • sleepers

    The sleepers is a term used for those who have given up their lives during the [[Fourth age | occupation]] and entered a state of hibernation to await the formation of an [[army of heroes]].

  • Fourth age

    The time of the occupation is the fourth age of Eshrod. With the arrival of the [[Rakasha | Rakasha]] the native people of Eshrod of been enslaved or bowed to the rule of their otherworldly masters. A [[Rebellion]] has been fought from the very beginning …

  • Rebellion

    The rebellion is the name the court of the [[king in hiding]] calls itself, however the rakasha refer to any of the groups of freedom fighters the rebellion.

  • King in Hiding

    The hereditary title of a line of rulers descended from the [[high king]] of the [[free cities alliance]]. With the coming of the [[Rakasha | Rakasha]] the last [[High King]] gathered the armies of the [[free cities alliance | free cities]] together to …

  • army of heroes

    When the sleepers wake the plan is for them to form an army of heroes that will through of the [[rakasha | invaders]]

  • The Story of Disdir

    As the storyteller came into the circle he could feel the hopelessness. It had been a rough few days for the rebels. Many were wounded and all were exhausted. This was going to be a hard crowd to find the right story for. He took his seat, and looked …

  • Disdir

    A hero from the end of the Golden age and now a hero of the Rebellion. * [[The Story of Disdir | The Story of Disdir]] * [[Disdir's journal entry 1]] * [[Disdir's journal entry 2]] * [[Disdir's journal entry 3]] * [[Disdir's journal entry 4]]