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  • Warforged

    The warforged were created by the [[Druidic circles]] as guards and servants. They are grown from the earth, air, fire, and wind with each type of warforged having their own distinct look. Their power comes from the [[elemental kings]]; powerful beings …

  • elemental kings

    The four powers of the druidic faith and the lords of the wilde elments are the elemental kings. [[Dunnia]] elemental king of earth [[Motouzulu]] elemental king of fire [[Baradi]] elemental king of air [[Mzegazega]] elemental king of water

  • Elemental seats

    The elemental seats Place of power for the [[druids]] and sacred lands of the [[elemental kings]] * [[High lake]]: High lake a great lake nestled in the spires of Drakendel’s spine. Destroyed during the blight wars. * [[The great forest]]: The …