Tag: Human


  • Ashela Evine

    The daughter of Marco Evine she worked for him as a spy from a young age. Her work for the king cost her her life when she was murdered to keep her from revealing a secret she discovered while investigating the Wintergate household.

  • Dillon Westlake

    Dillon grew up the sun of liberated slaves in the under city of Collage. He entered survive to the crown at twelve years old and in his three years of service has moved up from being a stable boy to the position of royal page. He has recently found him …

  • Filipi Wintergate

    The eldest son of Rysan Wintergate his childhood has been spent equally between the court of collage and the traditional home of the Wintergate line Dovescrest manor. shortly after his 19th birthday he met and began to court Ashle Evine the daughter of …