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    p=. !http://www.protechtus.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/pichosting/eshrod.gif! Welcome to the players wiki for the world of Eshrod. Eshrod is a fantasy gaming world I have run several campaigns in, here you can find history, geography and …

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    The first age of Eshrod was a time of since and discovery. Some of the greatest works of this time were the [[Ca lander | Thelic Calendar]], the [[Centaurs | Centaur]] city of [[Nehhhigi]]and the [[Libber Ausvish]]. h4. A history of the first age

  • time of chaos

    During the [[second age]] waves of chaos spread across the land every 500 years. The elves began to see the pastern and dubbed this the time of chaos. It was not until the beginning of [[the blight war]] that the connection with the [[black star]] was …

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    A list of heroes by age h4. The first age h4. The second age Kudzu Was a warforged made by the earth druids of the circle of the southern star. He was part of the party that left the great forest and found the cure for the blight. During his …