The liberation of Eshrod

The return to collage part 2

As the kings fist headed for a stand of trees to rest some on was watching them approach. Xix waited patiently he had been tracking his master for many centuries and through many lives and had learned at this time he would be in this place. Disdir and his companions felt the eyes upon them as they approached the wooded thicket and called out to the unknown man. Xix did not answerer and with a sudden lunge tackled Disdir revealing himself with a laugh and a present. In this travels he had acquired a shard of the crystallized power of the sword of Corellion. The sword now had enough power to finally reawaken.

As this was happening Saba began to hear the faraway chanting of a sacred prayer to the raven queen. No matter how she turned to find it it seemed to come from behind her and with a sudden flash of inspiration she relised it was coming to from the scroll case the message from her goddes had come in. Removing the case it shown with a dark radiance and erupted in a swirl of ravens feathers. when the cloud of feathers cleared a tall pale anarchistic man stood in there midst and bowed before Saba extending a greeting to here as well as Gwynd. This man identified himself as Rook and was sent he said by the raven queen to help her open the gate way for the army and protect her.

At the same moment Darkfire opened a dwarvesh portal stone to join the rest of the kings fist. Introductions were made and the party moved in to the thicket to rest and bandage there wounds while Darkfire explained that there mission in the under city had been expanded to include recovering the Fire guard papers from Dovegate manor.

When they approached there entrance to the undercity they found that the guard had been increased since there last attach but with there increased numbers they managed to once again defeat the guards. However Darkfire’s ferocious and terrifying attitude tworeds the remains of the solders of the rakasha caused Saba and Rook to take him aside for a discussion of the theological importance of honoring they dead even if they are the enemy. While Darkfire consented to no longer crucify his fallen foes he did this out of respect for Saba and not her god. Now the kings fist and there allies stand before the entrance to the undercity with no one to stop them.



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