The liberation of Eshrod

The coronation

After returning from the necromancer’s lair the party was informed that finally the entire court of the rebellion had made it to Asherwine. The king announced that he would hold his coronation ceremonies in two days time. The days of rest and relaxation passed quietly and soon it was time for the feast. The feast passed with much gossip and many introductions to new people. After dinner a formal ball was to be held but the plans came to an abrupt halt when Ashle Evine was murdered. The party was asked by the kings guards to investigate while thy brought the king to safety. Captain Ulthor stayed behind to help with the investigation. But soon things took a turn for the worse when another dead body was found; this one damaged much more viciously. As the kings fist tried to find the killers the body count grew and loyalties were tested and established. Just as a suspect in Ashels murder was found the captain of the guard was revealed to be a werewolf. Having succumbed to the moon fever he was lashing out uncontrollably and had to be put down.



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