The liberation of Eshrod

Gathering of heroes part 3

The party continues to explorer the Necromancers shrine with the help of a new companion, a gnome names Nox. The gnome comes from the Feywiled to find Disdir who is a still widely renowned in his home land. Leyon had found a young human hurt just outside the cave entrance and brought him back to Asherwine. So with their forces spread dangerously thin the party continued their exploration of the shrine. After a quick fight with a group of skeletons in a strange bone paneled meditation chamber the party rested and regained their strength.

After their rest they found a chamber that appeared to be the necromancers lab. The experiments were being attended to by several wights. The party fell upon the vile beasts striking down the vile undead. But time and time again the beasts would rise up to pummel them with strikes that drained the very life from their bones. Nox proved his worth laying crippling strike on their opponents until finally spent and bloodied the party was victorious.

Thier victory was bittersweet however as a search of the lab revealed that even this loan necromancer was working towards the overthrow of the Rakasha. His notes pointed to the fact that thought the Emperor of the Rakasha is immortal he has not come about his long life naturally. The necromancer had been working to find a way to disrupt the emperors immortality.



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