The liberation of Eshrod

Gathering of heroes

part 2 the necromancers shrine

As the party returns from the rescue mission Disdir is aproched by a young human just inside the gates of Asherwine after a hushed conversation he leaves with the young man. He is taken to a meeting with a wounded half elf he has never met before. Saba, the sleeper being transported back to Asherwine is finally awakened and meets with Marco Evine. In the morning she is invited to breakfast with the King Gethen the 1st along with Lyon, Darkfire and Gwynd. As the meal concludes the king tells them of another sleeper near by, directly outside the gates of Asherwine in fact. The cave he is in has been taken over by a necromantic cult and the heroes are cent in to retrieve him.

Exiting by the same gate the entered the day before the party finds themselves in a lava pipe instead of on the planes the gate lead to the day before. They find the sleeper in short order and manage to awaken him, however as they do a section of cave roof collapses leaving them forced to explore the rest of the necromancers lair to fined a way out. Riley, their new companion, proves to be a master tactician as well as a competent wizard though everything he does is compared to Disdir.

Fighting their way through a seemingly endless horde of walking dead the party manages to disrupt a ritual by a priest of Orcus. Riley is critically injured in the fighting while Saba falls in to a religious trance speaking the sacred tong of the raven Queen.

King Gethen the 1st is worried about the heroes and sets dwarven stone masters to clearing the tunnel while he summons Disdir for a dangerous rescue mission. He quickly finds the party and leads the incapacitated members back to were the dwarfs are still working. He relays a message from the king that he would like them to roust the necromancers from the cavern.



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