The liberation of Eshrod


The liberation begins

With the fall of Collage the rebellion has moved it’s base of operation to Asherwine a dwarven city shielded from the rakasha by powerful magics. The King in Hiding awoke the first of the heroes himself. Disdir and Lyon were awakened in the heat of a battle with the 32nd goblin recon led by captain Gurbain. The Goblins had been ordered to capture the king for public execution. While the army gathered outside the cavern were the sleepers had spent the last thousand years an old evil was released when the Goblins killed an ancient lizard man breaking the spell he had cast. The king, Disdir, Lyon and some of the kings guards were able to escape the dark forces and the army by way of a hidden smugglers ladder at the back of the cave system and a convenient magic rope that glowed with the light of the sun.*



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