The golden age ended with the appearance of the Rakasha and their floating cites. With lightning swiftness they attacked and captured the cities and nations that had thrived since the end of the blight war. The armies of the free people were not enough to stand against the onslaught so they went underground and became the Rebellion led by the King in Hiding they did what they could to ease the suffering of the people of Eshrod. Knowing they could not retake the land with the forces they had a desperate plan was hatched: The people with the greatest potential were gathered and put in to sleep to await a time when an army of heroes would rise and throw off the invaders. After a thousand years of occupation the rebellion is nearly crushed and the invaders have left only a small contingent of their forces behind a young king decides now is the time to strike. Awaken the sleepers and prepare for war.

The liberation of Eshrod

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